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Über mich! About me! - Landchic - Susanna Lentschik, A-2100 Korneuburg, Hauptplatz 19/1

„You really have an eye for this.“
„I just love your style“.
„Clearly you put a lot of love and attention to detail into this“

I got that a lot. From family members. Friends. And it’s true. I love to decorate and be creative. Beautiful living space, inviting and relaxing atmospheres are my passion and I love to add my final touches. With LandChic I made my passion my profession and created a space in which I can give free rein to my creativity and enjoy beautiful things, and share both with others – and you!

I want you to feel home and good when you come visit me at LandChic. You should enjoy it, get inspiration, collect ideas. When you stop by it should be about having fun, about feeling creative. In the store you will see and feel how much I enjoy decorating. Let’s chat and let me help you find something special for you or your loved ones.

I look forward to welcoming you!
Susanna Lentschik

Everything you find in my shop, you can also buy online.